I am a German/Australian artist with a sculptural and installation practice, which is informed by a socially engaged collaborations and ethnographic methodologies. My transient, restless family migrated twice from Germany and as a son of a mining specialist I grew up internationally, in often remote regional mining settlements mainly in PNG and Canada. I acquired four citizenships by the age of 18 before my family finally settled back in Germany, where my education, daily reality and personality was shaped by the Cold War and ideological clashes between a West German capitalist and a East German socialist/communist political system. From 2013- 2017 I undertook a 4-year long social engaged art practice in Morwell/ Latrobe Valley with local mining communities to explore the material brown coal in my practice-led research and MFA thesis. 

In January 2022 launched Stanley Ave Studio to the public offering a weekly public schedule of art, yoga and meditation classes in a commercial shop at 61 Stanley Ave/Mt Waverley. As the artist-in-resident I continuously create, stage eco-art performances and working on new art projects with collaborators which are then exhibited and sold through the small front studio gallery and online.